Our Work

With years of experience behind us we have developed expertise in many of the tricky areas of flooring, let us put our experience to work and do a first class job for you.


We have wide experience of fitting various types of flooring to stairs. Usually the most difficult part of a flooring project, apart from requiring a precision job working on stairs also often requires the fitment of stair nosings – essential for appearance and safety.

Self Levelling Compound

It is important to have an even-surfaced floor when planning to place ceramic tiles or any other floorings because uneven surfaces cause tiles to crack. We can apply a self levelling compound, either as part of complete project or in preparation for a bigger job.

Wet Areas

Although everything might look great on the surface, a few years down the line your floorboards could be rotting unless special care is taken when fitting flooring in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. We can supply and fit a water seal for walls, floors and edges where water is likely to gather.

Recent Work

Here are few photos of recent work. Stay tuned for updates and follow us on Facebook for the latest info.